Flexible Work Location

The certificate holder can work with employers, conduct business transactions and work at UAE businesses onsite or offsite.

Recognized by Government

The certified permit allows freelancers to work with Government, Private, Semi-government and any type of business.

Open to All Professionals

The mesh Certified Permit is not a sector specific permit, it is a general permit for all activities for any Skilled Independent Professionals.

Exclusively from mesh

mesh is the only skills marketplace in UAE that provides such certified permits.

Applying for a Permit

1. Process

mesh conducts a thorough vetting process for all its applicants prior to issuing the mesh Certified Permit. The process can take up to two weeks.

The application process is done online through the permit application form.

Upon receiving and reviewing the application, a mesh representative will contact the applicant to complete the procedures for issuing the permit

The mesh Certified Permit does not replace any permits/licenses required by government or local authorities to perform certain activities in the UAE.

2. Requirements

Applicants are requested to submit the following Documents:

1. Valid Passport Copy
2. Personal Photo (3.5×4.5 cm) with a white background
3. Emirates ID or Entry Visa
4. Updated CV
5. Portfolio or sample of work
6. Two Professional References (with contact details)
7. Certificates

3. Fees

The fees for issuing the mesh Certified Permit for “Skilled Independent Professionals” is 2000 AED for approved applicants. The fees will be paid only once the application is approved.

4. Validity & Renewal

The Permit is valid for one year from the date of issuance and can be renewed using an online application.

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Why mesh Certified Permit?

There are several advertised freelancing permits in the United Arab Emirates. Following is a detailed comparison of available freelancing permits in the UAE as of 2019.

  • GoFreelance

    AED 7,250 per year
    • Visa Available
    • Freelance Permit
    • Tech., Education & Media activities only
    • Available for Expats & Locals
    • Operation in TECOM to serve Free-zone companies only

  • mesh Certified Permit

    AED 2,000 per year
    • Visa Not Available
    • Freelance Permit
    • All Freelancing activities permitted
    • Available for Expats & Locals
    • Operation in Dubai with no restrictions (Government, Private & Semi-government)

  • TwoFour54

    FREE two-years
    • Visa Available
    • Freelance Permit
    • Restricted to Media services only
    • Available for Expats & Locals
    • Operation in TwoFour54 to serve AD Free-zone companies only