A Guide to Starting a Business for Just $100

Starting your own business and getting free from a job and huge work pressure is an idea that may occur to many, but the financial obstacle often stands in the way of this idea. If you had millions of dollars, you could finance your entrepreneurial project, but most of us do not have access to such capital.

If you are serious and you want to start a business where you are your own boss, of course you can do it. You only have to choose the right business and start with $100, yes, just $100 or even less.

Today with the advancement of life and with the internet, businesses that would need a big capital in the past have become easy, simple and uncostly. To get more convinced, take this example: Translation.

Renting an office would cost you a lot, and your clients would only be from your geographical area. However, if your office is a website where you offer that service of yours “that would have cost you money you do not currently own”, you won’t have to pay monthly rent and other costs. Even better, the domain of your clientele will increase, because you can offer your service to anyone in this world, and you are not tied down to your city or country exclusively.

OK then, how to start a business with less than $100?

In the beginning, you have to take into consideration some important points:

Evaluating all you have, to know what you can use to serve your goal.

  • Skills: what can you do? Whether it is a skill you’ve learned or a hobby you like.
  • Experience: what have you done in the past and how can you make use of it? Your experience from a job you had or you currently have.
  • Knowledge: what do you know? Everything you’ve learned in your personal or academic life.
  • Resources: what do you own? A computer, a printer, tools… anything that can be of use to you. The tools used differ considerably from one kind of job to another. Big-scale producers can spend millions on production machines, while you could obtain the same quality using used or old machines. Just search to buy those tools and do not be in a haste.

Have you thought about all the previous points? Now, what kind of business could you start with such a small amount of money? Take this list:

  • Purchasing a course to learn something new or developing a skill you already have: look for affordable academic courses that you can buy for little or even for free. For example, you can learn how to develop mobile applications and you can offer your services on “mesh.ae” for people to buy. That is just one example. “mesh” is rich with specialties that are too many for this article to cover, but I will let you know some of them:
    • Graphic Design: logo design, business cards, book or album covers, wedding invitation card design…
    • Digital Marketing and Sales: social media marketing, content marketing, video marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing…
    • Writing and Translation: articles and blogs, resumes and cover letters, technical writing, translation…
    • Programming and Technology: web and network programming, support and IT, database…
  • Teaching: you could teach people something you really love and are good at. Most of us, if not all of us, are highly skilled at something. What we lack is confidence to start a business based on our passion. Most of the big corporations started that way.
  • Consultation: choose something you know well and start a consulting business using a blog. You can purchase a domain name for $10 only. Get some uncostly printed business cards and open free accounts on social media. Publish relevant content on your blogs and social media accounts, and communicate with other professionals.
  • Home farming: if you have a backyard or a big balcony, or if you are free to use the roof of the house or the building you live in, you could buy some plant pots (or even grow plants in used cans or bottles), and some seeds and you could plant them and sell them as saplings or as a crops.
  • Home products: you could learn making a simple home product that does not need a big capital, like making soap with its variety. You could, then, buy the needed material, and produce it at home and sell it to neighbors or close by shops, or even display your products on social media and deliver them to close by cities by mail or agree with a partner to deliver them for a commission. You could also learn handcrafts and produce your own products and offering them to markets. These kinds of business may require a lot less than $100.
  • Building a website: you could build a website using free hosting in the beginning, and publish valuable content, link it to “adsense”, and display google ads. Every time visitors click on them; you earn money in return. You could develop your website in the future by purchasing powerful hosting and making it more professional. If your website became popular enough, you could sell it. You could do the same thing with videos on YouTube. You only need to provide good content that attracts viewers, to earn money in return for displaying google ads or marketing some products.
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