Hire a Freelancer to Design your Corporate Identity

The corporate identity represents the essence of the company and its values that are clear in everything it does, be it products quality, performance, services, support facilities, continuous social interaction, public relations and communications. This requires a collective effort from the company and its management, to create a prominent product, with distinguishable features that reflect the way the company wants the targeted public to recognize it. Identity is composed of elements like:

• Vision: the long-term goals that the company hopes it will answer all its clients needs with in the future. This means that vision is drawing the path that the company will take, and it can be specified in detail or briefly, which goes with the planned ambition.

• Mission: a summary of the vision, and it specifies the essence of the company and what it wants, and it clarifies the purpose or reason of the existence of the company. It also shapes its philosophy and the most important goals that it strives to accomplish in the current period. The mission answers two questions: Who are we? And what do we want? That’s because it summarizes the purpose of the company.

• The company’s main goals.

• Its position among competitors.

• The visual identity that includes the logo, colors and fonts.

This last one represents a simple way to create a special identity for the company that makes it distinct and distinguishable from other companies. Designing a good logo may be simple, but it leaves an impression for all of those who see it. It can be easily remembered that you always find it present in the minds simply by mentioning the name of the company. How, then, can this logo be designed?

First, you have to know that the logo can be a symbol, image, word or even just a letter. The kind of logo does not matter as long as it is aligned with the nature, identity and specialty of your company. To fulfill those conditions, you can seek the help of a professional designer to carry out the task. It is not necessary that they should be a full-time employee that you have to pay a monthly salary. It’s enough to hire a freelancer that you pay for this service only. That way, you save yourself a lot of expenses, time and effort.

You can search the internet for an experienced freelancer, to find a website like “mesh.ae” that offers various services from creative freelancers. The advantage of using a freelance marketplace over dealing with a freelancer directly is that the marketplace offers protection; meaning you only pay when you receive the service with satisfaction.

If you have an initial concept of the logo, the designer can start from there. You can also tell them about things to avoid, like if you do not want the colors of your logo to be similar to the colors of the logo of one of your competitors. You can ask them to design the logo with specific style and specific colors, and they will take care of that; or you can leave everything totally to their creativity. A good designer takes into consideration:
• The main points that you want the logo to reflect.
• That the logo should briefly tell who sees it about your company and what it offers.
• Taking special care of the colors and shapes that the logo contains, since every color has a specific indication. Red for example indicates activity and action. It is often used by companies in the food industry as well. White, on the other hand indicates purity and clarity.
• Choosing a suitable font that reflects the culture and nature of the identity. Andalus font for example expresses interest in originality and tradition. It is useful in case your company sells antiques for example. Formal fonts reflect the extent of seriousness and professionalism in the company. Thus, fonts, like colors, can express many things, therefore, the freelancing designer will choose them with care.

Your company may evolve and may need to modify and update its logo that represents its marketing identity, and the best option is hiring a freelancing designer who can do the job with perfection.

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