What is Mesh?

With the rise of digital economies, work in the world we live in is becoming more and more flexible.  

Mesh is a digital marketplace that connects buyers with sellers of services they require. Mesh connects buyers and companies with the most efficient, thoroughly vetted and highly specialized freelancing talent in the market.  We realized that the 8-hour workday does not suit everyone so we created a platform that accommodates different kinds of talent.

Mesh is the best talent economy in the UAE, it is called the MESH ECONOMY. We aim to shape the future of work beyond platforms. Anyone who joins the Mesh Family is called a Mesher. You can either join as a Mesher or as a Freelancer

Here are the steps to follow when joining Mesh:

  • Create your Mesh Profile

This is a simple process that involves registering to be part of the mesh community after which you get a call or an email notification from the mesh admin to create and activate your profile. For Freelancer users, there is a vetting process to foster quality assurance and delivery of jobs to the clients. 

  • Post a Mesh Proposal or service.

While Meshers post Service Requests, Freelancers post Services and this is simply done by using the “Adding New Proposal” or “Start Freelancing” buttons. As a freelancer, the more details you give about your services, the higher your chances of attracting a client. 

  • Offers and deals

The chat tools allow freelancers and clients to communicate after the freelancer has received a job order.  This feature allows you to share files, receive or give instructions.

  • Pay and Get Paid

All payments processes are handled by the Mesh platform and each party gets what is due for them.

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